Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gadzooks! I Remember You!

Good God Man (& Woman),

It's been a journey. Have you ever seen the sunrise from the back of an elephant climbing the lowlands leading to Kilimanjaro? Neither have I. Elephants don't live in the lowlands around Mount Kilimanjaro, you pasty armchair tourist!

Okay, I don't know where that picture came from. Perhaps a machine has been prototyped by a man genius despot to doctor photographs for the sole purpose of making me look foolish. Perhaps? All right, so elephants live around Mount Kilimanjaro. That is... news to me. I had to walk up that behemoth on nothing more than a pair of size 13 Frye boots.

Anyway, I'm still alive! Can you believe it? What's next for me and Andrew? Well, that certainly is the question. Stay tuned for more information. Soon enough, my friends...


- Brick


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Buried Alive, You Say??

Good Morning Dear Reader,

I check in at the behest of my scribe, that odious young fellow who is determined to make his fortune (or at least a livable income) transcribing my earthly adventures during the first ordeal of the Cabal.  This young man has requested that I come here and shill for him, hoping I will do my part to peddle his petty writings.

And so, my friend, here I am.

The new rag is entitled Brick Brannigan is Buried Alive on the Faroe Islands! and is as ridiculous as it sounds.  Wherever slight exaggeration failed, hyperbole was welcomed, making this volume even more ridiculous than the first.

The news I am to deliver (as promised) is that this new "book" is now available online!  I'm sure that your collective breath can be released–as I'm certain you've been holding it now for what, 18 months?

Anyway, take a stroll over to the scribe's inventory of tales to see how it's available.

That's enough for me.

Until next time, my friends!




Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nearly 11 Months Out...

Good Evening Dear Reader,

Good lord, it's been what, eleven months?  Lily and I have been on a hike through the Gobi, a desolate place if there ever was.  I believe the last image I shared with you was a shot of the Bullring in Seville, Spain--or as we world travelers call it: Sevilla.

Given this image, I imagine you're expecting a tale that, you know, involves this ring directly, eh?  Well, you'd be disappointed, dear reader.

Truth be damned, the ridiculous scribe in charge of marketing my adventures to the masses has decided to tweak the truth, as it were, effectively excising a few scenes involving Dr. Liliana Halifax and the Bullring of Sevilla.  Why?  That, dear reader, I can not tell you.  If you're curious, contact the young fool here.

Anyway, from what that knucklehead has shared via post, his second rag of lies is preparing to be released for his legion (he says "legions," in truth I imagine it would be a fiction to extend beyond approximately 4 people) of fans.

This second rag of lies is ostentatiously titled Brick Brannigan is Buried Alive on the Faroe Islands!, and I couldn't find it more ridiculous.  He sent me a proof copy for fact-checking.  I read it and submitted 44 pages of corrections before promptly adding the rag of lies to my pile of kindling.

If you would like to indulge in some fantasy yourself, I'll keep you apprised as to the progress of the new rag.  In the meantime, keep your hands dirty, and never stop exploring!




Wednesday, January 22, 2014

That Next Tale...

Good Evening Friends,

I received word from that damnable author back stateside that he is working on the second fiction rag chronicling my adventures.  Frankly, I have not put much time into the first story, but some people somewhere must like it if he continues work on its follow-up.  Please, do not ask me who!

Anyway, I decided to write to complain a bit, giving a bit of a warning of what to expect.  He is apparently telling the loathsome tale of my time spent in the Faroe Islands (picaresque but ultimately rather unpleasant) and Lily's time spent in a number of places, albeit mostly Spain.

Ah, speaking of Spain, have you ever been to Spain?  A lovely place, let me tell you.  I've been all over the beautiful land, but I say my heart lies in Sevilla.  I do recommend a visit.  Take a walk through the Mercado de Triana, light a candle in the Catedral de Sevilla, and sit down for quite a show at La Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla.  What is that, you ask?

Why it's the bullring, of course!

And despite what the dilettante author chap will toss your way and call "literature," there are many great tales I could spin for you about this bullring.  Alas, I've neither the paper nor time to do so.

A thousand apologies for that.  I will leave you with this, a small history of the bullfight in Spain and the traditions associated with it.  Also, read up on the rabo de toro, the delicious tail of the bull.  Best enjoyed stewed!

Until next time, friends.  Excelsior!



Sunday, December 15, 2013

Return of the Writer

Good Morning All,

Brick's writer friend here, intercepting the big man's correspondence once again.  I want to keep you up to speed on other forays of mine into the oft romanticized world of letters.

Mosey on over to Gil's Grimoire to read a little about my new novel, The Zeros and The Man Who Could Not Die, which will be available very soon (and by very soon, I mean within the next 24 hours or so) is available now (at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords)!!.  In the meantime, whet your appetite with the cover, courtesy of the incomparable Dean Kotz

Check back in for updates!

Much love and gratitude,


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Small Islands in Faraway Places!

Greetings my friends!

I've not much time, but I wanted to check in, as it seems Andrew's writer friend has been interfering with my correspondence.  Andrew tells me our tale is now available.  I guess I should be excited, but I'd rather get excited about traveling (and getting into adventures)!

If you've had the fortune of reading our first adventure, you'll know that my friends and I found ourselves on the great Faroe Islands, a wonderful and secluded batch of islands halfway between Iceland and Norway.

Unique for a number of reasons, but I'll give you one little chestnut.  On the Faroe Island of Streymoy there is a town called Kirkjubøur, in which there is a house called Kirkjubøargarður that is the oldest still-inhabited wooden house in the world--dating back to the 11th century.

Quite remarkable construction work!

Yes, I've been to Kirkjubøur.  Unfortunately, I've not been to Kirkjubøargarður.

I'll have to add it to my list!

Anyway, I must be on my way.  Keep checking in--I'll see that I do so, as well!

Excelsior, my friends!



Saturday, November 16, 2013


Good morning friends,

I am back state-side--hopefully not for long!--and I recently had the pleasure of visiting these frightening ruins.  Looks rather international, doesn't it?

Well it's not!  This foreboding castle lies in… Maryland?

Yes, that's right.  The image included was taken at a strange, abandoned park in Ellicott City, Maryland (believe it or not!).  Andrew and I took a stroll around the place, but in sooth did not last long because I found the strange ruins therein rather disturbing.

If you like you can investigate it for yourself, my friends.  Heed caution, though, because there are certainly strange things afoot in Ellicott!

All right, back to the classroom for me.

Take care, and excelsior!